5 Actionable Tips to Work Out With Kids at Home

Let’s be honest for a second. Figuring out how to work out with kids at home is no easy task. Most of us are always trying to find some way to juggle family time and fitness time. Some of you might be lucky enough to have a good routine going where you can escape to the gym for an hour or two. Others may be wondering how you’re supposed to even squeeze in a quick workout with your kids at home.

But don’t worry. All moms are in this together. We’re home with the kids (social distancing) and need to figure out how to fit in some much-needed exercise. We’ve collected 5 tips that don’t need much more than a little shift in how we think about exercise. Trust me: you can absolutely build and maintain a fitness routine and work out with kids at home.

Be creative in what you consider a workout

Your three-year-old might not get excited if you ask them to participate in squat jumps, planks, or sprints. So why not turn it into a game. What if you said, “join mommy and jump like a frog (squat jumps), build the strongest bridge (plank), or be quick like a cheetah (sprints)”? There are no limits to your creativity and your child could even help you come up with new and fun workout ideas. Let them invent a new training routine

When you work out with kids, get them excited with a fund game

Short bursts are best to work out with kids

Most children don’t have the capacity for endurance workouts or have a ton of stamina. Take a look around a playground. You’ll see kids running like maniacs and then stop for breaks to climb or swing. Consider this format when planning your workout, and you’ll save your sanity while breaking a sweat. Interval workouts have proven fitness results, so plan for 30 seconds to 2 minutes of exercise followed by 1-2 minutes of recovery…also known as tending to whatever your child needs during that time.

Break out the music

Seem obvious? Who doesn’t love a good playlist during a sweat session? When you work out with kids at home, you might have to switch up your usual mix. Look for songs that will keep them entertained or even guide them in their movement. Think “head, shoulders, knees and toes” or “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed”. Pretty much anything with a fun beat will get them jumping and your heart rate going.

More is more

More short workouts throughout the day are better than one long workout. You’ll have more flexibility if you’re trying to squeeze in three 10-minute sessions versus a 30-minute session. Workouts boost your energy and mood, so an added bonus is you’ll stretch the positive vibes throughout the day. Additionally, this mimics a school schedule, so if your kiddo is used to dance, free play, recess, or gym, it’s a great way to get them on board with your exercise break. It’s a win-win for you and the fam.

Accept that your routine/workout won’t be the same

If most of your workouts take place outside and you temporarily have to find a way for fitness with your children, don’t stress by trying to replicate those workouts. Adapt to your surroundings and switch up exercise goals and focus. Think of professional athletes. They have coaches and professionals ensuring they don’t do the same routine year-round. They have different workouts for different seasons. Consider this a change in season for you. Choose a new focus that’s realistic for you. Maybe this means focusing more on yoga, recovery, or bodyweight exercise? Most importantly: don’t stress. Your workout routine doesn’t have to be the same. Just keep moving!

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